Alyssa Goodfellow

Property Management

Starting her real estate career in 2010, Alyssa has worked in most aspects of real estate including
admin, sales and property management. She has spent the majority of her career in property
management and has always had a passion for helping people which makes the daily challenges of a
property manager the ideal role for her.

Described as a “go-getter” who loves to face any challenge and with excellent attention to detail,
Alyssa is a brilliant property manager with the right skillset and attributes which has led to a very
successful career. She believes that building relationships with clients and 5-star customer service is
the cornerstone to a good property management business.

As an award-winning employee, Alyssa understands the importance of problem-solving and goes to
great lengths to tackle any challenges that arise.
With testimonials and positive feedback from sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants, it’s easy to see
that people are Alyssa’s focus.